Green Coffee Systems

No More Lifting Heavy Bags of Green Coffee.

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Affordable for Small and Medium Size Roasters.

Every roaster struggles to find ways to handle heavy green coffee bags without having to lift the bags.  It’s not just the potential injuries, it makes it more difficult to retain workers. We are committed to develope products that help solve this problem.

Modular Components that work together and grow with you.

Green Coffee Systems

You can start with a single origin system for under $12,000. Then you can grow over time to a fully automated system with dozens of origins both organic and inorganic. 

The coffee industry is one of the few industries where workers are expected to lift heavy bags. Lifting heavy bags results in injuries, spilled beans, and excessive labor cost. Our Green Coffee Systems are designed to eliminate lifting heavy bags reducing injuries, lost product, and increase productivity.

Batchers are designed to produce the most accurate blends possible. We use state of the art controls, precision loadcells, and variable-flow valves to optimize each roast.

Batchers Create the roast so that it is ready when the roaster can start the next roast. There is no time lost finding and weighing coffee. Some roasters gain more than 20% roast per day.

With a Green Coffee System, you won’t have people handling, weighing, and loading coffee all day. When the coffee is staged in silos for the day roasting becomes as simple as pushing a button.

The distributive controls system ensures that batchers can work together to automate your roastery. You can start with a 6 origin Batcher and add more later. When you add your second Batcher you will be able to draw from 12 origins to create your roast.

Batchers work together so you can add more as you grow. You can spread your investment over an extended period.

Two Origin Coffee Batcher
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Warehouse Coffee Batcher

Warehouse Batcher

Single Origin Batcher


Double Origin Batcher


Four Origin Batcher

Master batch 6 origins

Six Origin Batcher

Scale Hopper

Scale Hopper

Batcher Features

Batcher controls are designed to work together. Batchers can work together to increase the number of origins and roasters in the system.

Color Touch displays are user friendly for non-technical workers. It is easy to change blends and change origins.

Batchers are constructed of stainless steel. There is no paint to get into your product or aluminum which may corrode.

We use the highest precision loadcells available.

Variable-flow valves allow adjustment of the flow to match the speed needed for the roast. The slower the feed the more accurate the blend will be.

When you need to change to an origin that is not loaded in the batcher it is easy to drain and load the next origin. It can be done fast enough not to interrupt the roast cycle in a signal roaster system.

Modules are sold separately. Each module has unique features and may not have the features listed.

Coffee Storage Systems

Buckhorn Bin


MAC Resin Bin

150 - 1,200#

Bean Bin, Bag Breaker

1 - 2 Bags

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