Avalanche, Gounds without Rat-Holes and ledges.

Fill Brutes from your Grinder.

Convey to your weigh-fill.

Gate Up

Just roll the Brute in and close the gate. there is a safety switch to prevent operation with the gate open.

PLC Control

Switch from the fill to the convey mode. Direct interface with Coffee Loaders. Shut-off out-put for when full for grinder.

Advanced Auxiliary Equipment, Inc.

PO Box 398
116 Bohannon Park
Shacklefords, VA 23156

Donald Rainville, Founder

Advanced Auxiliary Equipment is a manufacturer of quality pneumatic conveying, blending, and destoning equipment for the Chemical, Food, and Plastics industry. Our manufacturing facility in Shacklefords Virginia features metal fabrication, welding, polishing, assembly, and 3d printing.

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