Fluid-bed technology makes traditional destoners obsolete!

Fluid-Bed DeStoners
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Fluid-bed destoners remove stones by floating them over a bed of air. Particles that are denser than the roasted beans sink to the bottom and stay on the screen. After the initial setup there are no adjustments necessary when you change your roast or the particle size and density of the beans.

Destoners that convey the beans are only adjusted at installation. The speed is adjusted to a speed that will not break the most fragile beans.


Traditional destoners separate stones by adjusting the speed to convey the beans and drop the stones. Stones that are near the density of the beans will always be missed. When you change the roast, you will need to adjust the speed each time. There is no way to know if the speed is correct until you hear a grinder scream.

Tests show that traditional destoners have a stone removal efficiency rate as low as 60 percent. Fluid-bed destoners typically run near to 100 percent.

The Destoner can be used to remove green beans from a dark roast. It often will catch them from a light roast as well. It is the only destoner that makes that claim. That is clear evidence that it is the best destoner for removing dense particles that are close to the density of a roasted bean.

We offer a full range of fluid-bed destoners. The DeStoner is suitable for as little as five pounds while our High-Capacity Models can separate stones at a rate of over 8 pounds per second.

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