Custom Hoppers for Coffee Loaders.

We offer several different types of custom hoppers to solve problems for roasters. Bag breaker hoppers are designed to unload coffee bags. They are low to the ground to limit lifting. We offer several hoppers for beans and grounds with vacuum take-offs to feed conveying systems. We also offer hoppers to catch grounds from a grinder and convey them to their destination.

Grounds Hoppers

Grounds Hoppers that completely empty. Available with an optional vibrator which is controlled by the loader control.

Green Coffee with Bag Breaker

Green Coffee Hoppers with optional bag support tubes. Four locking casters.

Coffee grounds hopper.

Hoppers for Tea

Hoppers designed for tea with vibrators. Four locking casters

Buckhorn Bin 2,000#

2000# Center Cone Hoppers

2000+ Pounds of storage for green and roasted coffee. Center-flow cone and valve.

Portable Hooper-1000 pounds

Portable Hoppers

Portable bins with vacuum ports for loaders. 150 -1,100 pounds capacity.

Coffee grounds hopper.

Custom Bins

We can make a bin to match your application and capacity.

Advanced Auxiliary Equipment, Inc.

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Advanced Auxiliary Equipment is a manufacturer of quality pneumatic conveying, blending, and destoning equipment for the Chemical, Food, and Plastics industry. Our manufacturing facility in Shacklefords Virginia features metal fabrication, welding, polishing, assembly, and 3d printing.


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